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Series Planning Process - GCC Creative Blog Archive » GCC Creative | Creative Arts at Granger Community Church
09 Jun 2014

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As an organization grows, communication and alignment are two of the hardest things to maintain.  Throw that into the mix of a bunch of creative people trying to stay on the same page and execute projects at the same time and you’ve got a difficult task.

Because of that we’ve developed a process to help us stay aligned with our weekend series development and planning.  This system is the way that our communication, creative, production, teaching, and campus teams stay on task and aligned without having to meet everyday and check in.

This is our process, the people involved, and the timeline we work to stick to.  This is a guide for us, not a law.  We have flexibility based on projects and pace.  If it’s helpful to you, you can download the .psd for our timeline in the resources section of this site and create your own.


10 weeks out

  • Our Lead Team (direction leadership team for our church) will agree on the series topic.  The Lead Team doesn’t always come up with the topic.  Our topic ideas come from many different sources.  But the Lead Team will put a rubber stamp on the topic for us.
  • Our packaging team can then take the topic and start to brainstorm the branding, the series title, and the design and packaging.

8 weeks out

  • Our packaging team submits their ideas to a few of our stakeholders and we land on which direction we’d like to head as far as branding.
  • The Lead Team will solidify the weekly Big Ideas.  These are the weekly topics inside the larger series topic.

7 weeks out

  • The packaging team finalizes our series branding.
  • Our creative team begins brainstorming weekly series content.

6 weeks out

  • Our creative team will program weekly content based on ideas from the brainstorm.
  • We create our deliverables schedule to keep us on task with content development.

5 weeks out

  • The first cut of our series promotional trailer is due.  For an example of a series trailer click here.

4 weeks out

  • The series trailer final is due.
  • Any scripts or casting for creative videos are due.

3 weeks out

  • Video shoots for creative videos.
  • Music charts due for weekend starting 3 weeks from now.

2 weeks out

  • Creative video 1st edits are due.
  • 1st edits for videos that support song performances are due.

1 week out

  • Creative video finals are due.
  • Song support video finals are due.
  • Music tracks are due.

Week of

  • The FEED (our video announcements) is shot and finalized.
  • Stage layouts are created.
  • Technical notes and requests are due.
  • Video transitions for the service are created and due.

Again, this process is a guideline for us, not a list of rules.  We can flex on it when needed.  This system helps us solve the problems of alignment and communication in a growingly complex organization.

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