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When Should You Upgrade Your Gear? - GCC Creative Blog Archive » GCC Creative | Creative Arts at Granger Community Church
04 Mar 2014

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Here at Granger Community Church, we have spent the past several months upgrading our lighting, video, and camera systems.  One of the questions I was asked during this process was why are we upgrading?  I generally look at upgrading when one or both of these factors come into play:

1) When the cost to upkeep and repair your current system is more expensive than the cost purchasing a new system


2) When your current system is no longer compatible with the vision of your church.

In our lighting and video panel upgrade we completed this past fall, we came to the conclusion that the cost of upkeep of our current lighting and center video screen was reaching a high enough amount that we could use the money that would be budgeted for repair and upkeep of the old system over the next few years to pay for most of the upgrade.  For instance, if your cell phone breaks and it would cost $150 to get it repaired but a new upgraded phone cost $100 to $200. It would simply make more sense to purchase the new phone.

However, we made the decision to upgrade our cameras from older SD models to a new HD system because the SD system could no longer meet the vision of GCC.  We value excellence. The older SD equipment was not delivering an excellent experience to our online and multi-site campuses.  Even though there was a capital cost involved, we decided to upgrade to allow our value of excellence to be experienced in our video venues.

One final aspect in upgrading systems is to find a good contractor or company that you trust to help.  They can help you figure out what gear you don’t need as well as aspects you may not realize you need.  When we upgraded, we used two companies to help us.  We opted to use a company to help us design the lighting upgrade and a rigging company to hang the larger aspects of our rig.  We have found it best to let an outside company help even if it cost more so it can be done right the first time.

4 comments on “When Should You Upgrade Your Gear?
  1. Nick

    Hey guys! What cameras do you use?

    • Ben Lunsford

      Hi Nick,

      We are using 8 Blackmagic Cinema Cameras with 2 Sigma lenses and 6 Fujinon lenses.

      • Ian

        Hi Ben,
        How does your crew focus, expose (shade) and zoom with the BMCC? Do you use manual gears? Which ones?

        • Sean Bublitz

          Hi Ian, We have Fujinon broadcast lenses with their corresponding zoom and focus controls and the operators adjust the iris themselves using the manual iris ring. We also have a post coming soon on our full broadcast set up. Hope that’s helpful.

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