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Let There Be Light - GCC Creative Blog Archive » GCC Creative | Creative Arts at Granger Community Church
05 Feb 2014

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Genesis tells us that God created light on the first day. That’s probably a good hint that light is a big deal. It helps guide our eyes and shape the way we see the world. As image makers, light is massively important. It can create contrast, interest, mood and emotion. Think back to way you feel when you are outside on a bright day or when you are bundled around the glow of a campfire. Then compare that to a time when you fumbled around your house when the power went out. Lighting is a powerful thing.

When it comes to the videos we produce, we are learning that being intentional with lighting can really help in telling better stories. And here’s the trick – it doesn’t have be excessive or complicated. Lighting a scene can be as simple as 1 or 2 light sources. Take a recent intrerview shoot that we had this past week.  We used a total of 2 lights. In the image below you can see the vast difference from using a few intentional lights as opposed to settling with whatever your scene has naturally. In this case it was some awful looking overhead lights. This isn’t a hard and fast rule. Sometimes the best light is what you have naturally. Take what photographers call the ‘golden hour’. More than anything, I’ve learned it’s always better when you are intentional about the lighting.

Lighting Example

In the coming months we’ll get more detailed about best practices when it comes to lighting a scene. We’ll share what gear we use and some tricks we learned along the way. There’s a plethora of great resources to get you started in the links below. Take a look and keep an eye out for some upcoming posts all about LIGHT.


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