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11 Oct 2013

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Leading Creatives: it’s challenging, it’s fun, it’s chaotic, it’s joyful, it’s frustrating… It’s the best.

Throw leading in a church into the mix and the haze of the “how” thickens.

We’re all creative in one way or another.  We’re teachers, musicians, designers, writers, thinkers…  We all have traits that are amazingly unique and endlessly frustrating.  So how to you approach the art of moving a group of people with unique qualities from concept to performance?

Define The Box

We all create within a box.  We have a facility box, a resource box, a time box…  Define the box you’re creating within for your team.

Set The Bar

What is excellence for you? What’s the vision?  The end result?  Define it so you’re all working toward the ONE thing not many.

Give Them Freedom

Be secure enough to acknowledge that you’re not always going to be the smartest or most creative person on your team.

Don’t micro-manage creatives.  Give them appropriate space to create.

Tell the what to do, not how to do it.

Keep creating along with them.  This creates empathy.

Break The Routines

Don’t get married to your systems.  Creatives will shut down in a broken system.  Adapt and adjust.

Creativity can get stale if there’s a lack a newness.  Break your routine to increase creativity.

Ministry Is A Must

In the church it’s not acceptable to just go to a corner and create by yourself.  It’s about people. Require that creatives have or develop the skills to engage other people in their art.

This won’t always come natural to creative people.  Do the hard work and invest in and develop them.

Look for producers not prima donnas.  Come along side the creatives that realize it’s not about them.


Are you a creative in ministry?  What’s most/least helpful for you from your leaders?



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