22 Oct 2013

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Watch any movie. If you pay close attention to the footage, you’ll start to notice one thing in common – film grain. Most movies are still shot with film stock and thus have some degree of film grain within the footage. If you’re like us, we don’t have the luxury of shooting with film. Instead, we shoot a variety of digital cameras (5d MkIII, C100, FS700). One trick we have started to implement in our post production process is to add film grain to our final edits.¬†There are a lot of good reasons¬†why adding film grain is helpful.


1. It helps make your footage more like film. Less digital and more organic feeling.

2. It helps to cover digital noise and banding in your footage.

3. It can add an vintage visual aesthetic to your footage.


There’s a plethora of great tools to use to add film grain to your footage. We typically use a the Gorilla grain plugin within FCPX, but there’s a host of other tools out there to do the same thing.







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