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29 May 2013

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Creating is a funny thing.  Most of us want freedom to create what we want, how we want.  But great art normally requires lines to stay between.  A box to work within.

Recently we’ve started using some guidelines for our art creation.  These guidelines help us focus as a team and as artists.

1. work hard and smart

The next season of ministry is going to require us to work harder, do more and be better than we’ve ever been before.  It’s going to require us to be innovative with our systems and diligent with our time.  We’ll need to refine our systems or “way of doing things” both individually and as a team.

2. remember who you are

We all take our art and ideas personally, as we should.  But at the end of the day, if our idea isn’t chosen or our creation just didn’t really fly, we have to remember who we are in Jesus and that we’re worth more to him than our ideas.

3. before you ask how, ask why

Often times we get caught up in the “how” of doing something and forget to ask “why” we should do it.  We will be more intentional with everything we do and create that at any time before.

4. choose trust over suspicion

We will always believe the best in our teammates and be committed to holding each other accountable.  We will never have great art without trust.

5. seek evaluation, not praise

If we’re going to make process in anything we need to always evaluate.  Instead of always asking what we did right, we’ll look for what we can improve.

6. create moments, not elements

People remember great moments.  Whitney Houston singing the Star Spangled Banner, U2’s halftime performance at the Super Bowl after 9/11, etc..  How do we leverage music, video, acting, lighting, environment, to create moments rather than just service elements?

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