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Intern Guest Post: Christmas Slump - GCC Creative Blog Archive » GCC Creative | Creative Arts at Granger Community Church
09 Feb 2013

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Below is a guest post to the blog by one of our amazing interns, Becki Visker.

Christmas. A beautiful time of year to rest, reflect, and be filled with joy. The Advent season begins, and we start preparing our hearts for the newborn King. . If you are involved in church music at any capacity, you know full well that the Christmas Season can and does turn into a stressful one. For one month, you drop your typical go-to songs, and bring in old hymns and Christmas carols. On top of that, you add multiple Christmas Eve services to your regular schedule.

If you’re anything like me, I find Christmas music difficult to connect with in a worship setting.  Now, I realize that the lyrics are filled with hope and joy, but I’ve been singing these songs my entire life.  The words naturally flow out of my mouth, but not always out of my heart. They’ve lost their meaning in some ways. A phrase like “ Joy to the world, the Lord is come,” sounds great, but if I don’t know that joy in my heart, how can I connect it?

For me, worship during the Christmas Season requires a lot more focus. I have to take the lyrics, and relate them to my own past struggles and joys. Baby Jesus seems a lot more timid than the Jesus who endured the cross for us.

Here are some ways I’m working on focusing this Christmas Season:

Pray for God to speak through the lyrics to your heart. I don’t believe we can lead effectively if we can’t relate our song, first, to our own heart.

Investigate the lyrics given. Pick out certain phrases, and relate them to your walk with Christ.  That brings a powerful addition to worship.

Be intentional. Spend time with Christ as you practice through your set. He may reveal something to you through your practice. Again, making the worship set more powerful.

Jesus came to save us from ourselves. Be intentional this holiday season, and make room in your heart and time in your schedule to just stop and reflect on the hope that came in the flesh. Remember what a privilege and honor it is to lead people to remember that promise.

“Let every heart prepare Him room”