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GCC Creative - Creative Arts at Granger Community ChurchGCC Creative | Creative Arts at Granger Community Church
05 Aug 2014

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In no particular order of preference, here’s a quick list of my personal favorite writing on writing currently. Whether you’re just starting out or just need a creative shot in the arm, these resources have been incredibly helpful to me personally. Enjoy! We have the greatest story ever told to share with the world. When […]


07 Jul 2014

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One thing that’s been incredibly helpful to us over the years has been “seeing how other people do it.”  We realize that in our bubble there are many things we don’t see, don’t think about, or don’t have the right answer for yet.  Experiencing the same thing, done a bit differently, exposes us to innovative thinking and gets me […]


09 Jul 2014

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Yes, believe it our not, it’s time to talk about Christmas. After many years of having Christmas “surprise” us, we’ve started the discussions and planning earlier and earlier each year. We’ve come to realize the crucial timing of the season to bring in new people who would never step foot in a church for most […]


08 Jul 2014

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In a previous post, I talked about the importance of color grading your footage. I can’t think of the last time we worked on a project here at GCC that we didn’t take the time to do some sort of grading to the final edit. Here’s the truth – There’s always something you can tweak […]


01 Jul 2014

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I’m a huge fan of hockey and when I lived in the Chicago area I used to go watch the Blackhawks practice. It was incredible to see how the professionals prepare. They go full speed. Game speed. They practice exactly like they play in a game so that when it’s game time they’re ready, not […]


09 Jun 2014

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As an organization grows, communication and alignment are two of the hardest things to maintain.  Throw that into the mix of a bunch of creative people trying to stay on the same page and execute projects at the same time and you’ve got a difficult task. Because of that we’ve developed a process to help […]


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Sean Bublitz

Creative Arts Pastor

Oversees creative staff responsible for programming, video, music, drama, and production. He and his wife Jill have 4 kids. Sean loves everything hockey.

Dustin Maust

Film + Design Director

Oversees teams responsible for the creative visual content for weekend services and special events. Dustin and his wife Brinn have twin boys and are constantly looking for good babysitters.

Trace Rorie

Director of Music

Oversees the teams responsible for the planning and execution of musical art in the weekend services. Trace and his wife Stephanie have a daughter, Addison, and a son, Caden.

Kristin Baker

Creative Producer

Writes and shapes content for live drama and media teams. Loves running and living on the river with her husband Cody, their daughter, and golden retriever .

Adam Tarwacki

Filmaker + Designer

Creates original video, graphic design and photography.  Avid Cartoon enthusiast and happily married to one (a fellow enthusiast, not a cartoon).